Career Consultations

Match your Talent with your Online Package!

Get out of development and get into the game!

A career is not a job. A career spans a lifetime. Your job is to work your career.

Your goal is to have a Comprehensive Package that makes sense with what you are selling. Don’t forget, you’re the product. When acting is your career choice, you are no longer just an actor. Get out of development and get into the game!

So what constitutes a comprehensive package? Your resume needs to match your photos and your photos need to match your demo reel and all of that needs to match you!

If you’re frustrated with your career, then let Amy help you put together an amazing marketing package that gets you noticed!

You will have an easier time finding an Agent and Manager that will match your talent if you don’t come across as development. Amy can also send out your package to her rep list as a bonus when it’s ready to be seen.

- Amy Lyndon

Ask yourself, “Are you an A+ Actor with a C- Acting Package?”

Then a CAREER CONSULTATION is the way to go!

Amy Lyndon doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk with over 100 IMDB Acting and Directing credits, she negotiated 3 picture deals and put Adam Brody onto “The OC” when she was the CEO of Gold-Levin Talent for 9 years! Amy has been recognized and published all over the world and her Technique is a curriculum in Universities. This makes Amy Lyndon an expert in her field.

Cost: $155 per hour

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